Art of Clean are committed to the continual improvement of the services we provide to meet our customers’ needs. We recognise that quality falls under many facets of the business and that it is everyone’s responsibility. Our objective is to maintain the highest level of quality and thoroughness, at the most competitive price.


It is our intention to maintain and build on our reputation for quality by continually achieving a standard of service that complies with specifications, standards, statutory regulations and contractual obligations and by encouraging full employee involvement and commitment in the development and implementation of an exceptional quality system. we reinforce this through an underlying commitment to minimise response times in issues regarding quality.


This quality policy will be reviewed each year in consultation with employees using established consultative mechanisms, and taking into account compliance obligations to all interested parties.


Our demonstrated quality assurance measures are outlined in the areas below.



Cleaning Material and Equipment

Our senior management team are committed to sourcing the most innovative cleaning equipment and premium yet cost effective products in the market.


Our team ensure products are well within their use-by dates, equipment is checked regularly and tagged to meet safety standards and all staff are aware of both effective use and storage of equipment and products.


Any concerns regarding products or equipment are raised immediately with management to resolve promptly.


The training of our management and employees is fundamental to the success of our quality assurance policy. In addition we will continue to liaise closely with our suppliers of goods and services, to ensure that they provide similar attention to quality principles.


Business Manager, Kris, along with Area Managers Tane and Nik ensure all employees are trained to a high level. All new staff are required to complete an onsite induction programme, specific to the relevant site and are provided with full copies of company procedures.


Individually, upon commencement, each cleaning professional is required to complete a two hour course within their first two weeks of employment.


Approximately 12 hours per annum (an hour monthly) is spent on training each cleaner. Additional training sessions are carried out should they be necessary and as varying issues or circumstances arise.


Should new equipment be implemented, we will, where possible, engage the supplier to provide training to our team.


Safety procedures are of the utmost priority and covered in detail within the OH&S training upon employee commencement.



Communication Books

Communication books are used as a means of passing messages to and from the client. This is an effective mechanism as often cleaning takes place after hours. It also draws particular attention to areas of greater concern, should the client require more rigorous cleaning in one area over another.


In addition to this however, our Area Managers will routinely call clients to ensure service is meeting expected standards.



Quality Checks

Area Managers and Supervisors are responsible for routine quality checks on all jobs. Supervisors are required to check weekly while Area Managers will check jobs monthly to ensure quality standards are being met.


It is recommended that a quarterly meeting with the client take place to discuss quality performance and maintain expectation.



Accident Reporting Mechanisms

To comply with legislative requirements and to maintain and accident and injury free environment, all hazards, near misses, incidents and accidents are to be reported immediately to supervisors, who will then report back to management and the client.


These hazards or accidents are recorded on an accident report for and immediate action is taken to mitigate the risk or rectify the accident and prevent further injury. Art of Clean (formerly K & S Cleaning Services) has been injury and accident free since 1997.



Confidentiality / Security

All client contracts are stored securely at Art of Clean premises. Art of Clean are bound by confidentiality and will not discuss details of contracts with other parties except those legally entitled to act on behalf of the business,.


Employees of Art of Clean are required to provide police clearances on a regular basis given they offer no period of validity. This ensures the security of our clients.